Prosciutto di Parma 100g Sliced - MAP Pack

Making a Parma Ham is a long and painstaking process; all producers of Prosciutto di Parma share one goal: To cure a leg of pork with pure sea salt in order to keep the meat as sweet-tasting and as supple as possible. The hams are made from the rear haunches of the pig; The curing is controlled carefully so that the ham absorbs only enough salt to preserve it. By the end, a trimmed ham will have lost more than a quarter of its weight through moisture loss, helping to concentrate the flavour. The meat becomes tender and the distinctive aroma and flavour of Parma Ham emerge. 

Main Features:
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Product of Italy
  • Top Quality  - Aged 18 months
  • MAP packaging
Fact Sheet
  • Item Code: ALC-PAR-100M
  • Unit Size: 100g
  • Carton Size: 14 Units

The Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma was set up in 1963, on the initiative of 23 producers with the objectives of safeguarding the genuine product, its tradition and the image represented by the designation 'Parma'. Since 1970, when the first law on Parma Ham was passed, it is the official body in charge for safeguarding, protecting and promoting the the Designation of Origin “Prosciutto di Parma”.  Nowadays the Consortium associates the 150 producers of Parma Ham