Our Airlaid "linen look" range consists of high quality single use paper tabletop products which are convincing on the table as real linen.  These products are purchased directly from the manufacturer in Italy.

The wide range of napkins, tablecloths and runners are true “linen look” embossed Airlaid products – not a “quilted” imitation. 

Consumer/non-trade customers, please visit for orders from a single pack upwards.


AIRLAID Characteristics: 

  • Very Innovative Product: The Airlaid paper is produced without using water….it is "air" "laid"! 
  • Strong Resistance: The Airlaid paper is produced using only long fibers; 
  • Composition: 100% pure raw material: 85% long fibers, 15% Latex binder agent 
  • Wet Resistance: The Airlaid paper offer a good resistance even if it is wet; 
  • Absorbtion: The Airlaid has a great absorbtion, approx 6 times its weight; 
  • Hygenic: this type of material is mainly used for female hygene and baby care; 
  • Color: Our Airlaid paper is ECF (produced without using chlorine gas); 
  • Use: 1 Airlaid mapkin is enough for a complete dine, while, ususally, it need 3 or 4 traditional napkins.   

The benefits include: 

  • Single use linen-look products of high quality with refined, stylish designs;  
  • Combine full Airlaid tablecloth/runner and napkin sets or mix and match with your linen underlays to bring colour, life and variation/flexibility to your venue; utilise for cocktail and outdoor functions as a more economical, yet tasteful alternative to linen
  • Competitive pricing compared with linen hire and laundering services; 
  • Choice of colours and designs allows you to tailor catering to your clients’ needs; 
  • Hygienically produced using only natural virgin fibres; 
  • Practical, ready to use packages and format; Perfect For Clubs, Caterers, Hotels, Restaurants/Cafes, Bars/Pubs, Health Care, Aged Care, etc. 
  • 2Ply Cocktail Napkins - 24cm x 24cm: Gold
  • Airlaid Linen Look Cocktail Napkins – 24cm x 24cm: White
  • Airlaid Linen Look Table Napkins – 40cm x 40cm: Black, Blue, Baby Blue, Champagne, Green, Red, Cocoa, Sea, Yellow, Violet, Pink, Lilac,White (only for white  we have different folding in 1/4 or 1/8 folded on the top "Head" or as a "Book")
  • Airlaid Linen Look Decorated Table Napkins (Damask Pattern) – 40cm x 40cm: Blue, Green, White/Blue
  • Airlaid Linen Look Table Napkins – 48cm x 40cm: White folded 1/8 "Book"
  • Airlaid Linen Look Table Napkins – 48cm x 48cm: Green, Black, Red, Blue, White
  • Airlaid Linen Look Tablecloth – 100 x 100cm: White
  • Airlaid Linen Look Rolled Tablecloth – 120cm x 25m: Black, Burgundy, Champagne, Green, White, Blue, Red
  • Airlaid Linen Look Flat/Folded Runners – 40cm x 120cm: Black
Colours & Patterns Available on Order (please ask us for available formats)

There are many more designs and colours available to order, so if you wish to achieve a particular look, please contact us and we can advise minimum order quantities and lead times.