Moghrabieh, Al Rabih

Otherwise known as pearl couscous, moghrabiah is round in shape and is a great alternative to pasta and regular couscous.

Main Features:
  • 100% Product of Lebanon
Fact Sheet
  • Item Code: CMEF-MOG-907
  • Unit Size: 907g
  • Carton Size: 12 Units

Sonaco s.a.r.l is a lebanese industry founded in 1975. Due to the various international demand, the company has grown and have today more than 150 products in the market signed Al Rabih & Elite (Ready-to-eat). 
Sonaco also manufactures : “Hiba brand”, “Lebanon Gardens brand” and many well known private brand labels. Al-Rabih offers Mediterranean specialties that you can include in your healthy and balanced diet.