This pasta has special properties derived from the presence of buckwheat and is rich in fiber are important to our feed. Pasta made from buckwheat contains less carbohydrates and more fiber than regular pasta. A lower caloric intake allows us to better control our line! 

Main Features:
  • 100% Product of Italy
  • Less Carbohydrates
  • More Fibers
Fact Sheet
  • Item Code: MOR-FUS-375
  • Unit Size: 375g
  • Carton Size: 10 Units

The “Pastificio di Chiavenna” was born as a mill in 1868 in the center of Chiavenna along the river Mera. The water of the river was exploited to produce the necessary energy to move both the millstones and the machines of the mill to produce the pasta. The Pastificio has decided to buy green energy, clean energy coming from the hydroelectric plant of Valtellina obtaining the certificate released by RECS. The Pastificio di Chiavenna is moreover in possess of the BRC certification.