This A grade Californian wild rice is the seed of an annual aquatic grass, Zizania Aquatica, with a unique nutty taste and great nutritional profile.  It is low in fat, high in protein and an excellent source of phosphorous, potassium and B vitamins.  The fibre content of wild rice is comparable to oats and brown rice.  Wild rice gives texture, flavour and colour to salads, stuffings and side dishes served with meat dishes and is particularly suited to game.

Advantages of using our Californian wild rice: A grade quality; does not ‘bloom’ or split open during the cooking process so the integrity of the rice and its lustrous black colour is maintained.

Main Features:
  • Gluten Free
  • Great Nutritional Profile
  • 100% Product of USA
Fact Sheet
  • Item Code: MON-WIL-12.5
  • Unit Size: 12.5 Kg
  • Carton Size: 1 Unit

  • Item Code: MON-WIL-1
  • Unit Size: 1 Kg
  • Carton Size: 12 Units

  • Item Code: MON-WIL-500
  • Unit Size: 500g
  • Carton Size: 20 Units

  • Item Code: MON-WIL-150
  • Unit size: 150g
  • Carton Size: 24 Units

Ministry of Nature is a brand owned by Royal International Commerce which represent all products that are selected with the attention to quality and under strict control to the specification of best product available in the market. Rices selected for Ministry of Nature are distinctive and they identify a range of imported and nationally distribuited products.