Royal International Commerce Pty Ltd (formerly Power International Commerce) is an Australian based Company that specialises in the wholesale of distinctive local and imported food products and high quality disposable napkins and tablecloths. 

Royal is a modern company with an eye on tradition and an innovative approach to the market. We are a young, energic, dynamic and efficient player. Knowledge and passion, combined with a modern and customer oriented structure, guarantee satisfaction and value.

Our core values are:

  • Quality - Highest category standards; Traditional products; Compliance with ANZFS; Attention to new trends; Packaging compliance and others..
  • Price - Stability; Best offer for direct sourcing; Smartly outsourced; Efficiently implemented
  • Service - Proactivity; Understand, anticipate and accomodate Customers needs; Quick problem solving; Attention to details; Flexible Australian national-wide distribution;

All products come from the original and authorized land of production, are entirely manufactured and packaged at the same time in the original area. In this way we deliver these excellent products to the sophisticated Australian consumer.

We coordinate & implement private label food products and conduct bulk food sourcing.

Consumers, please visit www.QualityNapkins.com.au for our range of linen look napkins and table covers.